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May 25, 2022  

Episode 29: A. Prof. Katarina Miljkovic

In this weeks episode Cameron chats to AIP's Women in Physics lectureship winner Katarina Miljkovic. The discuss her work as a planetary scientist, as well as her upcoming lecture tour. For more information for the Macquarie University Lecture go to or for the Wollongong University Lecture go to

May 11, 2022  

Episode 28: Jaime Andreas Alvarado

This episode's guest is astronomer and exoplanet expert, Jaime Andreas Alvarado. Cameron chats to him about exo-moons, the Colombian astronomy industry, and the importance of involving undergrads in cutting edge research.


Jaime's research can be found here.

April 27, 2022  

Episode 27: Professor Martin Rees

In this episode, Cameron speaks to Prof. Martin Rees, the Astronomer Royal of the United Kingdom about his career as an astronomer from the early days of cosmology to the study of Fast Radio Bursts, as well as the future of space exploration as discussed in his latest book The End of Astronauts.

April 13, 2022  

Episode 26: Dr. Helen Wolfenden

Cameron and Helen have a long ambling chat about podcasts...on a podcast. It's a meta-podcast. They're breaking new ground!

March 30, 2022  

Episode 25: Dr. Chris Muller

In this episode, Cameron chats to Critical Theorist Dr. Chris Muller about technology and the unexpected ways it has affected our culture and behaviour.

March 9, 2022  

Episode 24: Dr. Scarlett Howard

In this episode of Stardust MQ, Cameron chats to Australian Bee expert Dr. Scarlett Howard. Did you know that bees can count? Cameron didn't. Join him on his epic dice into bee lore.

March 2, 2022  

Episode 23: Angus Zhao

In the first episode of 2022, Cameron speaks to watch collector Angus Zhao about the art of watchmaking, the stories vintage timepieces can hold, as well as the F1 of the mechanical watchmaking scene - the Observatory Trials.

November 24, 2021  

Episode 22: Dr. Fred Watson

In the final episode of 2021, Cameron speaks to Australia's Astronomer-At-Large, Dr. Fred Watson. Fred is a man of many talents, and has held many positions over his long career in astronomy. Cameron chats to Fred about the many and varied chapters in his life, and what he expects to see in the future for astronomy.

November 10, 2021  

Episode 21: Marnie Ogg

This episode's guest is Marnie Ogg, the founder of Australasian Dark Sky Alliance - a non-profit organisation dedicated to the protection and conservation of the night sky. Cameron chats to her about light pollution, her experience in the astrotourism industry, and her work with ADSA - including her role in setting up Australia's first protected Dark Sky Park.

October 27, 2021  

Episode 20: Dr. Angel Rafael Lopez Sanchez

Beth talks to fellow science-communicator Dr. Angel Rafael Lopez Sanchez about his adventures as an astronomer, his work researching star formation, and sharing the joy of amateur astronomy through community outreach.

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